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The Diagnostic Healer has set up in Virtual Reality with VR Healing!!! Everyone is welcome to join "Virtual Reality Healing" channeling of the universal energies.

Events Times Coming Soon just getting set up and learning the ropes in VR ...gosh its a big world in here!

All matter including the physical body is known to be a gathering of the universal energy, this also includes our thoughts and emotions. When we tune ourselves to the living universal energy field we become clear channels and at one with the life force of the earth and cosmos.

With a clear intention this universal energy will flow through us smoothly and abundantly, awaken new perspectives and advanced abilities within us. These abilities include heightened creativity, extrasensory perception and the ability to bring about dramatic physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

The energies can be subtle or it can bring about incredible miracles, raise your vibrations, expand your awareness and attune yourself to the higher frequencies of the universe. Find your inner balance, calm your mind & reduce your stress and so much more. You too can feel empowered, love & unity!

Who is High Priestess Julia?

An ordained priestess of healing living in Australia, she has a strong belief that she has been given the gift to raise the vibration of the people, shift the negative energies and heal. A medium healer able to channel and direct energy to large groups of people. A mentor, holistic counsellor & intuitive clairvoyant. she is on her journey to serve for the greater good of mankind seeking out those those who come under her radar. Stepping into the realm of Virtual Reality!

Live & Upcoming Events
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