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You are secretly trying a new bizarre application in your Oculus Rift? You couldn’t resist but buy the first version of Magic Leap and you have now an obscure startup idea? You are writing a script for a volumetric and interactive film? You are engineering a new headset that revolutionise the field of view? You think you are alone? Not anymore! Come and join the party!

We are XR Story, a Worldwide Community helping each other to make our XR industry successful. We are Designers, Filmmakers, Game Developers, LBE Specialists, XR Festivals and Events, Art Curators, Storytellers, Developers, Strategist, Education specialists, Marketeers, Social Media addicts, Post Production Guru, XR Hardware manufacturers, XR Platforms and XR Media.

The community started on WeChat by foreign XR professionals in China. We are organising events on AltVR. We are now reaching to Linkedin. Connect with us to participate in the online conversation and participate in our Virtual Events.

Our members are coming from multiple little or big XR Studio, but also large players (like Magic Leap, Microsoft, Google, HTC,…), We share insight from multiple market (China, USA, France, Australia, Italy, Germany, Brazil, UK…).