+18 TANTRIC SECRETS #1 : Chakras

Safe Interactive Transformational


Tantric Secrets is a 5 part series designed to open a safe fun space to learn simple somatic practices. We explore how to deepen our connection with ourselves and our partner/s.

Each workshop we look at one aspect of communication so we strengthen our consent skills.

This workshop we gain awareness of our chakras, where they are in the body and how to clear them with our breath.

VenusSX presents a safe educational space of freedom, connection and learning everyday consent skills.

All genders welcome, limited numbers to create an intimate matrix. Arrive ON TIME as there is a lockout 30mins after event start.

18+ only, non-sexual workshop.

VR facilitator dedicated to providing alternative education for adults. Smashing taboos and social conditioning so we experience greater freedom in our individuality and be more playful in our self-expression.

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