The Power of Aroma

Aromatherapy Education


This is in an interactive world that we will explore as we learn!

Join Anita Shenk, an essential oil specialist and educator, as she takes us on a tour of a world that depicts what an ancient perfume market might have been like back when fragrances were more than just a good smell. During this tour you will learn more about the roots of the perfume industry and aromatherapy, why it has such a powerful impact on us as human beings, and how we can use fragrances of old for our own health and well-being today. And there may even be a fun surprise or two that brings the science behind essential oils to life!

Anita Shenk has been a doTERRA certified essential oil specialist for over two years now and is passionate about helping others live a healthier life more naturally, whether that's through helping them use essential oils as a natural form of healthcare, or bringing together the Vitality ReAwakened (VR Awakened) community to explore all avenues of wellness together. She is a co-founder of the EDVR XR Medical and Healthcare Team Project, as well as the founder of VR Awakened, and enjoys being a part of the AltspaceVR community.

This event is part of Vitality ReAwakened, a network of wellness minded people who all want to improve their lives and support each other in a safe and inspirational environment within virtual reality. You will find events to attend and worlds to visit that can begin to reawaken your vitality and help you once again find the joy, wonder and magic in life.

We were all meant to feel good and truly enjoy life. Let us help you move back to that!!

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