Meditation workshop



With Dr. José Ferrer Costa & Dana-Maria Faneker. We will do a short presentation on how we use meditation at the workplace. We will talk about: 1. WHY meditation. 2. WHY XR Meditation 3. How to implement XR Meditation at the workplace. After that, we will do a guided group meditation.

Jose is a Family Doctor, a Clinical Emergency Medicine educator and licensed Acupuncturist. Also he is part of the XR Medical and health care clinical project leader at Educators in VR.

Dana-Maria is the founder of CaptainVR and her mission is to empower people to be the "captain of their own lives."

CaptainVR's mission is to “develop XR and digital experiences to empower people so they can practice, learn and develop in a safe, fun and interactive environment.

And last but not least Jason Wan will be recording this session. Look for our recordings on our CaptainVR YouTube Channel

This session is brought to you by CaptainVR H.A.S.H20!

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