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Humans share many of the characteristics of domesticated animals. Are we domesticated? What are the signs? How did it happen? The Humanism Meetup meets monthly. This meetup is...

Humanism: The Self Domestication of Humans
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Mckmuze, (Pronounced Mik-muse) is a Musician, live looper, and VR Performer. Mckmuze has been a songwriter since he was a child. He's mainly known for his 'VR Music Tours'. Most...

Live Music with Mckmuze
Starts in about 1 hour
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Lived Loved *Meeting daily: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs @ 8 AM EST "If you want to fully experience love and belonging, we must believe that we are worth of love and belonging. ~Brene...

Live Loved | The Art of Hearing God Through The Noise
Starts in about 11 hours
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Kommen Sie zu Daniel, um zu meditieren! Er wird sich mit etwas langsamer Atmung und Achtsamkeit aufwärmen und dann zu einer tieferen Übung übergehen. Diese Sitzung ist für...

Meditation auf Deutsch mit Daniel!
Starts in about 17 hours
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Off-Topic With JOLLi! An event where YOU can choose the topic. Simply raise your hand, and if you're picked, you can suggest the topic I talk about.

Off-Topic With JOLLi!
Starts in about 19 hours
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Take up the Quest and dive into AltspaceVR to connect with other Oculus Quest Users. Join Michael Forest to learn how to optimize your experience and get the most out of...

It’s Quest Time
Starts in about 20 hours
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Are you an AltspaceVR User on an Oculus Go? Then this is the event for you! This presentation will cover some common, and some not-so-common problems that Oculus Go users face...

It’s Go Time
Starts in about 22 hours
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Welcome to AltspaceVR! We're delighted you're here, and understand it takes a bit to get the hang of being a digital person. Come ask questions on how to move around, how to...

AltspaceVR 101
Starts in about 23 hours
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Let's talk about those new year and new decade resolutions! Stop by for an open and accepting group talk about weight loss. Get motivated and help motivate others. Need help...

Weight Loss Support Group Meetup
Starts in about 24 hours
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Come link up with people from around the world as we share mindfulness Monday together with some kick ass Meditation!

Mindfulness Monday EvolVR Meditation
Starts in about 24 hours
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Calling all creative writers! Want to share your creativity with the virtual world? Welcome to a judgement free zone where we embrace the inner workings of your mind! Get up and...

Poetry Slam!
Starts in 1 day
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Let's watch SpaceX fly the next batch of their satellite internet constellation, Starlink! * Rocket: SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket * Payload: 60 flat-packed Starlink satellites *...

Rocket Party: SpaceX/Starlink-3
Starts in 1 day
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Come join mortality and meditation expert Tom as he leads a Vipassana style guided meditation with imagery related to death and dying. This special meditation is for anyone...

Meditating on Mortality
Starts in 1 day
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Are you a student or teacher and wish to include virtual reality in the classroom? Educators in VR presents a 101 program to cover: * VR Education Apps/Platforms * Research...

Educators in VR 101
Starts in 2 days
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Calen will be sharing tips and tricks for building Worlds in AltspaceVR. If you have any questions about using the World Editor or need some help with a Worlds project you're...

Building Worlds in AltspaceVR
Starts in 2 days
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Connect with your inner creative writer. We meet weekly to work on writing prompts and creative writing workshops. Bring pen, paper, keyboard, 2D/3D, and be ready to write in...

Creative Writing Meetup
Starts in 2 days
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Join Michael Forest at the Ravenhall Flight Academy and master the ways of movement and flight through AltspaceVR! We'll take your Altspace related questions and get you...

It's Flight Time
Starts in 2 days
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EVOLVR Book Club: Be Here Now Our second Book for EVOLVR Book Club is a Fantastic Book about Life by a Major Spiritual Teacher, who just died In Honor, Memory, and Appreciation...

EvolVR Book Club: "Be Here Now" by Ram Dass
Starts in 2 days
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Come on down and listen to live acoustic jams performed by one of our community members, Luke! He is an acoustic musician and singer whose sound covers bands like the Beatles,...

Acoustic Music with Luke
Starts in 2 days
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Welcome to AltspaceVR! We're delighted you're here, and understand it takes a bit to get the hang of being a digital person. Come ask questions on how to move around, how to...

AltspaceVR 101
Starts in 3 days
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Come join Jeremy for some afternoon meditation! He will warm up with some slow breathing and mindfulness and then move into a deeper practice. This session is intended for newbs...

EvolVR Meditation with Jeremy
Starts in 3 days
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Skeleton and Skulls We are diving into the deep and dark corners of AltspaceVR world building to tour worlds with a skeleton and skull theme. Each week we highlight the...

World Tour Showcase
Starts in 3 days
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Come join our global LGBTQ weekly meetup that offers support, encouragement, and love from all corners of the world. Join our North American meetup at: (6pm Pacific). If you...

LGBTQ+ & Friends Meetup UK
Starts in 3 days
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Welcome! We'd love you to join our recurring Women in XR meet-up. This space is open to all women and allies in the STEM, TECH and XR community. If you're passionate about...

Women In XR & Allies
Starts in 3 days