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London club night How Does It Feel To Be Loved? throws a party in a VR recreation of Brixton's much-loved Canterbury Arms pub, playing indie pop, northern soul and 60s girl...

How Does It Feel To Be Loved? indie and soul dance party
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Catch up on past and future events and updates going on in AltspaceVR. This user-created event scans the metaverse for news on AltspaceVR activities, world building news,...

News & Updates by Mark
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MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY Come by for laughs, weird stories, madness and most importantly, fun! A great way to make new friends and get to know the ones you already have. No comedic...

(16+) Improv Night w/ Ashley & Shoseki
Starts in 40 minutes
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/\ Ravenhall Events presents 'It's Shark Time!' - a game show like no other! /\ Journey with Michael Forest and his adorable co-host Sharky to the bottom of the Virtual Sea....

It's Shark Time!
Starts in 40 minutes
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Let's get together and talk about God, Bigfoot, Ghosts, Past lives, Aliens, and everything else! Our aim is to have a respectful conversation about your epistemology, or "why"...

Critical Thought!
Starts in about 2 hours
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Come join EvolVR and friends for a virus free dance party!!!

EvolVR Saturday Night Party with DJ Massio Musik!
Starts in about 3 hours
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WELCOME: This is a time for Cornerstone VR Church and anyone interested to hang out, discuss the Bible, and pray for each other. We will be working through the Experiencing...

Cornerstone Experiencing God Study
Starts in about 3 hours
Tile sci fi january  raised by robots

For Sci-Fi January, we are kicking off the year with weekly movie marathons showcasing a hand-picked selection of sci-fi themed short films. Rating: Mature Audiences (some adult...

Sci-fi Movie Marathon: Raised By Robots
Starts in about 3 hours
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This event finna be poppin. We gotz Cbreezy and Chloe hosting their first ever event together. Come ask questions and be apart of discussion. Ignore Wala, he's only there...

C&C Tonight
Starts in about 3 hours
Tile ftr sat

Welcome to the Failed To Render All Star Showcase! This is the show to end all shows, in real life this show is easily a $30 ticket, we take the best of the best and give the...

+18 Failed To Render Comedy Club
Starts in about 4 hours
Tile evolvr afterparty tile

Come enjoy the EvolVR afterparty at the newly renovated Brooklyn Rooftop! This week, we're happy to have DJ Illuminatty performing a live set. Come hang out and enjoy the music!...

EvolVR Afterparty at the Brooklyn Rooftop
Starts in about 5 hours
Tile altspacevr101 tile

Welcome to AltspaceVR! We're delighted you're here, and understand it takes a bit to get the hang of being a digital person. Come ask questions on how to move around, how to...

AltspaceVR 101
Starts in about 8 hours
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"It's One Of The Hardest Things In The World When We See Someone We Love Suffering" "God loves community. God himself is community - Father, Son, Spirit. He certainly didn't...

Glory Revealed Through Friendship
Starts in about 9 hours
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Welcome to Church Tornto! We are a Church that has a BOLD Mission that we want everyone (Christian or not) to learn the Gospel. Who is Pastor Tornto? He is an everyday person...

Church Tornto
Starts in about 14 hours
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Where does consciousness come from? Is it an emergent quality of the brain? I will put forth my favorite theory (who has time for them all) and we will discuss. The Humanism...

Humanism: The Nature of Consciousness
Starts in about 15 hours
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A super chill platform for traders to discuss and exchange ideas, watch current videos about the best stock picks, and play ALTQUIZ!

Starts in about 17 hours
Tile main

VR Church is a real church with ordained pastors that exists entirely in the metaverse. Everyone is welcome. It doesn’t matter if you believe in God or not. Learn more at...

VR Church Europe
Starts in about 19 hours
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Come join SanShin for some weekend meditation! He will warm up with some slow breathing and mindfulness and then move into a deeper practice. This session is intended for newbs...

EvolVR Meditation with SanShin
Starts in about 19 hours
Tile earth space 1920 x 1080

JOHN2212433, a 17-year old from a small town in Ohio discusses relationships, spirituality, psychedelics. He is about to ship off to the US Navy.

Starts in about 20 hours
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Where does consciousness come from? Is it an emergent quality of the brain? I will put forth my favorite theory (who has time for them all) and we will discuss. The Humanism...

Humanism: The Nature of Consciousness
Starts in about 21 hours
Tile greek mythology   with times

Join Timon and Alexandra in The Greek TaVRna Lounge every Sunday. You’ll watch a story telling event where they’ll read to you Greek Mythology stories and literature in both...

Greek Mythology & Literature with Timon and Alexandra
Starts in about 21 hours
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Using Buddhist practices and principles to heal the suffering of addiction we enjoy a guided meditation, dharma related reading, and a sharing session. We address all forms of...

EvolVR Recovery Dharma
Starts in about 21 hours
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Join Ally at the discussion event, where we all share our ideas and experiences around a chosen topic. This way we can become more aware of our daily lives, and manifest better...

Awakened Awareness
Starts in about 21 hours
Tile cornerstone vr church

TODAY'S TOPIC - Mental Health Month: Why the Church is Essential -- WELCOME: We welcome anyone wanting to experience a faith community in a laid back and encouraging...

Cornerstone VR Church
Starts in about 22 hours